Electricity for Africa – Energy supply with solar case

The three teachers Günther Mögele, Willi Kirchensteiner and Manfred Wolf want to help people with african origins in Wilpoldsried. But how? Through education! They want to teach them how to build their own solar plants in their homelands.

With the invention of Willi Kirchensteiner in the picture above, solar technology is able to fit into a small case and enables the possibility of using it as an energy source for communication and illumination.
The solar case is provided with a solar module, batteries and an inverter.

This projects is supporting the Marshall Plan in Africa and is beinf funded by the BMZ, the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und Entwicklung. (federal ministry for economical collaboration and development)

The academy for continuing education of teachers and human resources management in Dillingen adds the concept of the tested solar cases for faraway educational HotSpots.The first system integration will take place in April 2018.

The pictures show a course for building the case at the vocational School in Dachau. It’s great to see how enthusiastic the participant is!

Berufsschule_Dachau_Bild3       Berufsschule_Dachau_Bild1

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