The road to Integration – One refugee´s success story

On 30th June our highly regarded colleague Muafaq Al Mufti left our association.  We are very sad but at the same time really happy for him.

Muafaq Al Mufti, a refugee from Syria, came to Germany with his family in 2013.  He quickly learned German online with the teaching offer of Asylplus and soon – from being a „user“ – became a helper and then the first permanent staff member at Asylplus, who then helped to establish the learning centres.

He grew with his work in Asylplus e.V. and had been given and mastered more and more responsibility. Successful integration was achieved through “learning by doing”.

The huge experience he gained during his work at AsylPlus enabled him to successfully apply for a top position as a System Administrator at  the Max Planck Digital Library.

Our warmest Congratulations Muafaq!

We wish you all the best and further professional success in the future!

(Video in progress).


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