Volker Warnecke


Volker Warnecke

Volker Warnecke is a networking professional, particularly experienced in CCNA security,CCNP Switching,CCNP Routing and CCNP troubleshooting.


+49 176 41609154





Short Bio

Volker a german Army-officier 53 years old, is both, an expirienced classroom- and online-teacher, joined the team in December 2017.
He brings in his educational skills, ranging from absolute initial studentevel, up to medium professional Cisco Netacademy courses, to certifiy Academy instructor, and looking at the next year, at least one certified TrainerTrainer.

He holds a valuable TrainerTrainer Qualification from Cisco-Netacademy, recertified the CCNA once the last 5 years, and is on his way towards TrainerTrainer-Qualification CCNA Security and futher up to CCNP.

He speaks fluently English and holds basicskills with French, looking forward to learn some bits from other languages.

His teaching starts at the students wishes and capabilities, aiming together at the final point which is to be reached. So he likes to speak „in pictures“, the students brought with them, most.


I’m loooking forward to you, getting to know “the student”, but the human and his culture behind.


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