Workshop: Repair a laser printer

Ever since a few months, Nadia Miloudi (Asylplus Cisco instructor) has been teaching the course IT essentials in the library of Sendling – every Monday. The participants truly learned a lot in her lessons.
Last week, they talked about the chapter „printer“ including all the different types of printers, their advantages and their disadvantages. On Monday, the 12th March, which ist the lesson right after, Nerry visited the course as a guest speaker. He wanted to teach the participants in a very practical way about the world of printers, and how to repair them.

Nerry Akinyanju has been an asylant seeker in Germany for 2 years. He works with Asylplus and is our expert in reparing printers. He learned to fix the problems via youtube and gets German and IT training online.
In this workshop he shares his knowledge with other students!

Using a HP Laserjet6p, the Workshop started. Step by step, Nerry explained the different little pieces that are included in a printer.
„Right here, on the right side oft he printer, you need to push this button. After, you can pull the cover upwards and replace the toner with a new one“ Nerry explained for example.
As the time passed, the students took the printer apart and learned about the many little elements inside of it:
Cartridge, fuser unit, power supply board, logic board, …
In the end, they rebuilt everything and put the Printer back together. They were super proud, when the printer started to work again.

It was great to see how interested and motivated the students were during this practically oriented workshop. Courses like that should definitely take place more often.

Thanks to the library Sendling, which provides us with the rooms on Mondays.


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